After working as a makeup artist for seven years, actively freelancing before focusing on the online world, I decided to give my mind a break from my screen and headed to India to unplug, reset and gain my yoga teacher training certificate.


Being in India inspired me to look deeper into many subjects which I feel truly passionate about. And since coming back to London, I have been spending some time working out how I could incorporate these subjects into the makeup, beauty and lifestyle community online, that I had grown a reach of just over half a million in. 


I decided to create a space where I could share new and innovative beauty brands I come across, as well as discussing and writing about subjects ranging from plant based recipes to mental health topics.


With more and more brands and individuals entering the health and wellness space, I am excited to be back sharing with you, at a time where I believe we need a little less selfies and a lot more self love <3


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