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A Choice

In the depths of despair it can feel almost impossible to see any light.

But one thing that has helped me through times of confusion and pain, is knowing that the moments or experiences themselves don’t affect me – it is the thought I have attached to the moment or experience that affects me. And the wonderful thing about that?

Only I have the power to control my thoughts.

And I have the simple choice between a positive thought or a negative one.

Why would I ever choose something negative over something positive?

Sometimes it can feel out of my control. My mind may produce a spiteful and anxious thought out of nowhere. But how powerful is it, that I have a choice whether or not I want to listen to it or not.

As a reaction from just one singular thought, I could end up sitting in a pool of misery, feeling broken and powerless, with that thought being added to the great list of fears, worries and doubts that will end up narrating my entire life if I let them.

But what if I decide that I’m not going to value that thought as expensive anymore.

What if I stop putting any more time or energy into thinking or feeling that way.

I can stop feeding that thought with my energy. With my power.

It is my choice.

I choose to not remain complacent in my pain.

I choose to turn towards myself.

I choose to be calm.

I choose to be still.

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