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Come and feel empowered

“Laura is so genuinely caring and considerate and completely committed to creating a life changing experience. She has a unique way of creating a super safe space for you to feel completely at ease and inspired.”


Healing Abandonment Workshop

There is a certain life lived after abandonment, the life lived after the pain. A life made up of walls, blocks, fear, suffering and angst. A life that restricts us from loving whole heartedly. A life that denies us the experience of intimate connections and divine freedom. A life unaligned with our intrinsic ability to connect with another person and feel peace.
And without guidance, many of us don’t fully heal from abandonment. We fail to understand why our fears and doubts remain unresolved, why our apprehension and uncertainty linger in the shadows and why we find ourselves repeating outdated narratives and recreating toxic, harmful patterns.
Our fear might be lingering from a past heartbreak. It might be due to experiences from our childhood or the relationship we had with our caregivers. Or we might be swimming the turbulent seas of earth shattering heartbreak right this very moment.
Whatever the reason our abandonment wound is there, if it’s left unresolved, it can prevent us from experiencing the full potential of love and intimacy by generating feelings of fear, anxiety and insecurity, with relationships taking on a sense of instability.
During this online group workshop, I will support you in discovering the debilitating effects abandonment has on us, whilst giving you powerful tools and practices proven to encompass peace, intimacy and security of the highest form.
Thursday the 8th of July 7.00pm (UK time)
Please note, you will be emailed the link to join on Tuesday the 6th of July.

Hi, I’m Laura

And I’m here to guide you through a journey of self exploration within your intimate relationships, in service of your heart.
As a passionate advocate for love and intimacy, my intention is to help you find inner peace, security and strength, whilst encouraging you to cultivate a commitment to your healing journey, whether you are in a relationship or not.
I also host the podcast Temple of Her, where I explore various topics to empower my listeners through their own self discovery, with a psychology based approach.
So come and feel empowered.

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The Elixir – Loving Consciously

a magical or medicinal potion

“an elixir guaranteed to induce love”
Working through challenges in our intimate relationships are an inevitable part of the human experience. But some challenges can hold us back more than others.
Over the next 7 days, we will explore topics such as attachment styles, values and narratives, as well as learning how to use conscious communication to avoid ongoing conflict, so you can cultivate deep trust and security within your current or future relationship.
No matter what your relationship status is, we will work together to explore and understand the spiritual, sociological and psychological practices, that will enable you to show up as the best version of yourself.
I have created this course with Insight Timer, to guide you through implementing daily tools and practices so that once finished, you will have clear guidance and understanding in how to continue towards a life full of discovery and connection. The course is pre-recorded in digestible portions, designed to listen to one module a day.
Come and join me for a nourishing and moving journey, that will positively impact your life.

The Loving Consciously Club

This 6 week programme is here to take you on a transformational journey of learning to love consciously. A journey where you will discover the hidden parts of your psyche that have stopped you from fully embracing the intimate relationship you deserve.
This programme is not here to create shame or unearth pain around your past. It is here to honour all that you are and all that you have been through, through deep self acceptance. Meeting your wounds  instead of rejecting them, is where you will begin to fully flourish into the conscious partner you want to be.
Once you begin to understand how and why you relate to others the way you do in the aspect of love, you will be able to create the loving partnership you deserve.


Temple of Her is a space to empower you through self discovery and exploration in bite-size portions, helping you cultivate a life full of divine freedom and intimate connections, with a psychology based approach.