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Come and feel empowered

“Laura is so genuinely caring and considerate and completely committed to creating a life changing experience. She has a unique way of creating a super safe space for you to feel completely at ease and inspired.”


Hi, I’m Laura


And I’m an Empowerment and Healing Coach.
I’m also an artist, a writer, and a yoga and meditation teacher.
I have completed a variety of courses from Communication in Relationships to Self Empowerment and I host the podcast Temple of Her, where I explore various topics to empower my listeners through their own self discovery and exploration.
My mission is to help you find inner peace, security and strength, whilst encouraging you to cultivate an empowering commitment to your healing journey.

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Work With Me

I encourage you to deeply explore with me, a way in which you can create a life full of intimate connections and divine freedom.
During the courses I have created, I will guide you through implementing daily tools and practices, so that once you have finished you will have clear guidance and understanding in how to continue towards a life full of discovery, peace and empowerment.
I have designed both courses so you can take yourself through each module at your own pace. If you require a more intimate experience, we can work together once a week for four weeks over video call – please fill out the contact form to enquire. Please note, because of the nature of this work, spaces to work 1:1 are limited.

The Elixir

a magical or medicinal potion
“an elixir guaranteed to induce love”

Working through challenges in our intimate relationships are an inevitable part of the human experience. But some challenges can hold us back more than others.

Through The Elixir, we will explore topics such as attachment styles, triggers and boundaries, as well as learning how to use conscious communication to avoid ongoing conflict, so you can cultivate deep trust and security within your current or future relationship.

No matter what you may be facing in your relationships, we will work together to explore and understand how to claim back your power and show up as the best version of yourself.

Come and join me to discover ways in which you can create that nurturing and unconditional love you have always wanted.


The Goddess

a female deity
“a female being of supernatural powers or attributes”

It is no doubt that all of our external relationships are a reflection of the inner relationship we have with ourselves. And how would you describe that relationship?

Through your menstruation cycle is where you will discover the unique relationship you hold within yourself, and together we can begin to discover how beautiful and nourishing that can be.

During this course we will explore the magic of your menstruation, with an immersive four week, nourishing journey where we will uncover each season of your cycle together.

Join me in discovering the innate power your period holds and explore the tools and practices that will help in harnessing your cycle, learning to not only understand it on a much deeper level – but to use it as a powerful tool too.



Temple of Her is a space to empower you through self discovery and exploration in bite-size portions, helping you cultivate a life full of divine freedom and intimate connections.