Lush Cosmetics have always been one of my favourite beauty brands and I have loved watching the brand grow, develop and create new products. They are particularly well known for their bath bombs (pictured below) but the brand actually do so much more than that, including oils, perfumes and moisturisers.

Pictures sourced from Pinterest

Pictures sourced from Pinterest

The story behind how Lush was created is incredibly inspiring. Lush Cosmetics began in the 80’s where it was then known as Cosmetics to Go. Cosmetics to Go were completely unique at the time, producing colourful, extravagent products, that looked and smelt great. The company thrived but soon had to close because of over spending. After some time, the faces behind the company noticed that there was still a gap in the market, so they came back with Lush Cosmetics and a completely different attitude. The packing became simplified and recyclable, and the shops were designed using blackboards and chalk to provide reusable signage with all the money going into sourcing quality, Fair Trade ingredients.

On their website they describe themselves as “A campaigning company, still proud to swim against the tide supporting groups and causes that it believes in, still fighting against animal testing and working on preservative free cosmetics. The creativity remains unfettered by industry trends or outside influences and thrives on passion, innovation and the excitement of the next invention.”

As well as the list above, one of the things I love about the brand, is how each product is labelled with a picture and name of the member of staff that made the product. This makes the shopping experience with them feel a lot more personal. My current favourite product of theirs (excluding bath bombs) at this time of year is Love and Light Hand Cream. Made with Brazilian orange, orange blossom and neroli, the cream leaves your hands looking bright, feeling soft and smelling amazing.

“I’ll follow thee and make a heaven of hell,
To hydrate the hand I love so well.”

Lush Cosmetics

Check out their website for more products, prices and details about their latest campaign on fighting internet shutdowns.