A couple of weeks ago I was invited by EF Medi Spa to come in for a complimentary Luminous Lift (an LED facial). I was a little sceptical at first and I wasn’t sure how effective a one off facial would be, I’m also really bad lazy at looking after my skin – but I had recently experienced the mother of all breakouts so I had nothing to lose.

Since I can remember I’ve always suffered from milia, particularly around my eye area. I’ve never been able to find a product that combats it so the only way to get rid of the little buggers is to make a small incision on the surface of my skin with a surgical needle and try and ease it all out, much like a spot, if you don’t do it properly it can get infected and end up being 10x worse making you wonder why you even bothered in the first place.

After the bare faced tube journey to St John’s Wood, I arrived at the spa, greeted by the friendliest, happiest, glowingest skinned ladies making me feel at home straight away. We chatted about my skin and about how the LED facial works and I went straight through. I had a deep cleansing facial with Christina to start which was tailored for my particular skin type, targeting all the areas that needed the most attention. I can’t say it was the most relaxing facial with the surgical needle making another appearance but it was much needed. She then wheeled in the LED machine, which on first appearances can be quite daunting. With patches covering your eyes and the machine feeling like it’s only inches away from your face as it covers your head, it can feel quite claustrophobic, but you soon become more relaxed. Plus Christina offered to stay in the room with me and give me a hand and arm massage which obviously I accepted.


The LED facial at EF Medi Spa consists of four different coloured LED lights all designed to target different areas. Here’s a simple breakdown:

Blue – Focuses on acne and blemishes

Violet – Clears bacteria that causes acne

Yellow – Builds new collagen and elastin

Red – Reduces inflammation and promotes circulation


Repair – The cold wave healing laser will repair blood vessels, meaning your circulation will improve. As more oxygen enters the blood, the effects will be clearly visible, your complexion will be more luminous and you will look less tired.

Replenish – The red and yellow frequencies will replenish your collagen and continued use will encourage the production of more collagen. This is the support structure to your skin and naturally decreases as we age so by increasing the production of collagen your skin will look plump and youthful.

Rejuvenate – The treatment will rejuvenate the membranes between the dermis and the epidermis. These membranes flatten with age and the frequencies restore them back to their original more scalloped appearance, a characteristic of young skin. This increases the product of laminin, improving your skin’s elasticity and firmness.

The treatment itself lasts half an hour, it’s completely non-invasive and pain-free. It is recommended for an immediate freshen up (eg, before an event) or as a course of 10 to really see the full effects it can have on your skin. Once the half hour was up I had a look in the mirror and I was so surprised at the difference I could already see. I still had blemishes but the difference in them was extremely noticeable, they looked how they normally would have after a week of healing.

Since having the treatment my skin feels so much healthier and my milia has disappeared. (I have also been using a serum from SkinCeuticals that Christina recommended which I now couldn’t live without!) A one off treatment for the Luminous Lift retails at £150 and a course of ten is £1,500. If you’re considering having this treatment I massively recommend doing it through EF Medi Spa – they will look after you and tailor it to your exact skin type, which will have the best results to help you feel confident and happy in your own skin.