Maria Nila are a Swedish haircare brand that are big advocates for cruelty-free beauty. I first discovered them last year when I was gifted a shampoo and conditioner in a PR package. Of course the first thing that I got excited about was the fact they are vegan and paraben-free. Two big ticks!

In the last year or so I have become more conscious about what beauty products I am using and what steps we can take to look after ourselves a little more, so I’m always on the look out for anything paraben-free! There are many alternative options out there, but everything about this brand instantly drew me towards them. I first of all fell in love with the packaging. (I love packaging. When I used to freelance as a makeup artist, I would have all my products still in their boxes) and I loved that effortlessly ‘cool’ feel they oozed, with all the different pastel coloured bottles and tubs. It really gives the brand a high-end feel, but they are actually completely affordable. They retail at the same sort of range as Tigi or Kérastase. 

I have tried a few of their haircare products now, my favourites being the Luminous Colour Shampoo and Conditioner and the Head & Hair Heal Masque. Although I don’t have tonnes of colour in my hair (I had it slightly lightened a couple of months ago) it leaves my hair feeling glossy and healthy after every wash.

I used to have a hair masque applied at the hairdressers in my peroxide blonde days, but I’ve never done one at home until this one came into my life! The Head & Hair Heal Masque works best if its applied 1-2 times a week so I’ve made it part of my bathroom routine, on the same days I exfoliate. After getting out the shower, I’ll apply the masque to my freshly washed hair, then give my face a good exfoliation, jump back in the shower, and rinse everything off!

Since I started using this (and changed my diet), my hair has started growing at mega speed. It feels a lot more stronger and healthier now.

The chemists at Maria Nila, develop products with high quality ingredients that make a difference for salons, clients, animals and the environment. And their styling products are particular favourites of mine. All their hairsprays give different levels of hold, from a light dusting of spray – giving added texture, to turning your hair into pretty much the same consistency as cement! I use the maximum hold spray when I need a long lasting style and my hair really doesn’t budge, but it also doesn’t leave it feeling crispy, almost like it would snap, like other hairsprays sometimes do. There is still that bouncy, full feeling, whilst each hair stays exactly in place.

There is a whole range of products that offer something different for a variety of hair types, from styling to haircare and colour so its definitely worth checking out whether they have something that your hair might benefit from.

Spending time styling my hair is never something I want to spend too long doing but Maria Nila have made that process completely effortless and enjoyable. They have kept things simple, whilst also offering a wide variety of choice. I’m yet to find a haircare brand that I love and recommend as much! If you are looking for something paraben-free, this is the brand for you.