A short but sweet post, on a topic I have been thinking about a lot recently. 

Someone wise once said to me “The meaning of life could be said to be.. gaining the most amount of happiness and freedom, through the least amount of suffering.”

Which raised the question.. so why do humans suffer so much? There is no doubt we have the most evolved neurological system on this planet, so is suffering something that we are choosing to do?

I listened to a talk by a great Indian yogi called Sadhguru, where he says that no other creature on the planet suffers mentally like a human. He also says that life is not suffering, neither is it joy. It is simply there to be lived. If you ride it, it feels fantastic, if you become crushed by it, it can be terrifying. 

But ultimately yes, we have the choice. 

Every single feeling and thought comes from within ourselves. For example, pain and pleasure happens within us. Love and hate happens within us. Of course there may be an outside stimulus of some kind, some things will happen the way we want them to and some won’t, but fundamentally we make the decisions with how and what we feel day to day.

It’s easy for us to create comfort and convenience outside of ourselves, like decorating our homes or buying new cars, but the true nature of our experience comes from within and no amount of material goods will change that. The temporary high that the purchasing of material goods feeds us, is exactly that.. temporary.  

I’ve had a lot of conversations in the past with friends, discussing goals and achievements, thinking happiness and peace will be had once we have achieved this thing or that thing, instead of simply soaking up all the good, beautiful life that is happening right now. I have also chatted with people who believe that once they reach heaven after this life, that’s when the good stuff will begin. Sadhguru effortlessly asks at the end of his talk,

“Do you have any proof that you are not already in heaven.. and messing it all up?” 

We have the ability to enhance our experience of life and our wellbeing, with absolutely nothing but the power of our minds. Tough to do at times, but a pretty cool concept to think about.